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Da Lords Prayer

Da Lords Prayer (Mathew Tell Bout Jesus 6:9-13)
from the Da Jesus Book


This the prayer dat Jesus teach us how fo pray. If you like, you say wit me.

  God you our Fadda. You stay inside da sky. We like all da peopo know fo shua how you stay, An dat you stay good an spesho,

  An we like dem give you plenny respeck. We like you come King fo everybody now. We like everybody make jalike you like,

  Ova hea inside da world, jalike da angel guys up inside da sky make jalike you like. Give us da food we need fo today an every day.

  Hemo our shame, an let us go Fo all da kine bad stuff we do to you, Jalike us guys let da odda guys go awready, An we no stay huhu wit dem

  Fo all da kine bad stuff dey do to us. No let us get chance fo do bad kine stuff, But take us outa dea, so da Bad Guy no can hurt us.

  Cuz you our King, You get da real power, An you stay awesome foeva. Dass it!


Da Jesus Book, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Copyright (c) 2000 (ISBN 0-938978-21-7)  http://pidginbible.org/